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Using LinkedIn Features to Promote Lead Generation

Focus on content that speaks to your industry and see a spike in lead generation efforts.

Lead generation is one of the greatest challenges businesses face. Turning quality leads into loyal, long-time clients is the goal in many marketing campaigns, and by taking a fresh look at how you use LinkedIn, you can gain ground on this endeavor.

According to LinkedIn, 94% of B2B marketers rank its site as a go-to platform for distributing content that results in more lead generation. They’re also using the site to drive more traffic to their blogs and websites. (If you want to know more about the value of content marketing for your lead generation and other key marketing tactics, don’t wait another minute to sign up for our newsletter!) It’s not all about targeting B2B leads though, there are methods of utilizing LinkedIn that can have a positive impact on B2B as well as B2C audiences.

Connect With Connections

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to get your connections to link to your company page on its site. All you have to do is go to your page, and under “Admin tools” click on “Invite connections.” A list of your connections should pop up, at which time you pick the ones you want to invite.

Obviously, you can exclude connections that don’t align with your objectives, but when you open up the possibility for a larger following, you’re going to get your content in front of more eyes, which can lead to more positive lead generation results.

Update Your Profile

Don’t let your LinkedIn page become stagnant. By updating your profile, you can let your followers know what you’ve been up to, which can make a great second, third or fourth impression on potential clients.

Obviously you’ll need to update your title when it changes, but you should also be quick to mention the latest projects you’ve worked on and what you did to add value to it.

Share Content

You have unique insights into your industry, so let others in on those insights. With regular posts, you can attract a larger audience. LinkedIn is giving you a hand with this in its “Content Suggestions” feature. Again, go to your company page and click on the “Content Suggestions” tab and you’ll see a pop-up window where you select your industry, location, demographics of your target audience, etc. This helps you attract users who will be interested in your content.

Another perk with this feature is that LinkedIn tracks the hottest news in each selected industry, which means if you’ve got something similar to weigh-in on, that can be the subject of your next content post.

Staying ahead of all the changes on social media sites can be a daunting task, as can creating a lead generation strategy. Fortunately, we do both at SJC Marketing. Contact us and let’s talk about our approach and how we can help you gain more quality leads.

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