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How Expert Website Design Boosts Profits

With a more responsive website, you’re going to improve your lead generation abilities.

Take These Steps and Gain Powerful Lead Generation Abilities

Given the amount of online research consumers do before they make a purchase, your website design is key to business growth. While consumers might see something about your brand through social media, their biggest first impression of you is through your website. What can you do to improve yours and boost your lead generation efforts?

An improved website design can as much as triple your positive lead generation results. But there are a lot of variables to consider if you want to see that kind of improvement.

Be the Guide

For a user to easily work their way through your website, you have to give them directional cues, which you do by offering visual elements. These elements essentially point the user in the right direction.

You can use something as obvious as a big arrow to point them in the right direction to take the action or actions that will provide them the information they need. The arrow could be pointing to a video they need to click upon, or it could point to a link where they fill out information, etc.

There are a number of elements designers use to help users get the “flow” of the page, such as having a person looking in the direction the user needs to see. Even the placement of pictures and text can offer a natural flow that tells the eyes where to look next.

Optimize for Mobile

Almost three-quarters of all ad spending is focused on mobile advertising because consumers use their phones to get on the Internet more than they use desktop computers. That’s an excellent indicator of how well your website needs to be optimized for mobile.

The best websites are incredibly mobile-responsive but are also great for desktops. In fact, the more responsive your design is, the higher Google will rank it.

Speak to Your Audience’s Needs

Focusing on design elements is extremely important, but you also have to nail the quality of the content. You can do this by speaking directly to the needs of your audience.

When you segment your audience, you’re looking at very specific traits and needs that you can craft content around.

At SJC Marketing, we’re experts at creating responsive websites that can help you get to the lead generation goals that boost sales and improve interactions with customers. Check out what we do for other clients and realize the impact we can have on your website, as well.

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