Marketing Musings

SJC's president and CEO, Susan Campbell, spearheads creative efforts and solid marketing strategies with her experience.
Why Custom Website Design Is Worth It

It’s time for a website redesign, and your team is contemplating whether you should simply knock out the project quickly with an inexpensive template, or go all out with a custom website design. When you look only at time and money, the easy choice is a template. But you need to look deeper. There are […]

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Many companies opt to pay for a custom web design in order to gain better security, cleaner code and a better ROI.
What Smart Companies Know About Custom Web Design

Custom web design: out of the question, right? Your small business could never afford that, and for what you need to do, a website template will serve your needs. It’s not even something you’re willing to consider. Unless …what if you found out that a custom web design might be a better investment in the […]

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