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What Smart Companies Know About Custom Web Design

Many companies opt to pay for a custom web design in order to gain better security, cleaner code and a better ROI.

Custom web design: out of the question, right? Your small business could never afford that, and for what you need to do, a website template will serve your needs. It’s not even something you’re willing to consider.

Unless …what if you found out that a custom web design might be a better investment in the long run, that you might see better lead generation, more satisfied customers and avoid the hassle of a cybersecurity incident? It doesn’t sound so far-fetched to invest in your website, does it?

Let’s run through just a few of the reasons why a custom option might be a better fit for your business:

It’s Customized. Obviously, of course. This may not be so apparent when you first start planning your website template, because it may seem at first like you’re getting to choose between some options. As you get deeper into the process, and you want a particular experience for customers on your website template, forget it. It’s really in those small details that the customer experience is decided, and if you use a template, there’s a lot you can’t control.

Enjoy Clean Code. Your custom web design lays a strong foundation for clean code, allowing you to specify code that ensures your site is optimized for mobile and for search engines. In other words, if you want to improve your search rankings on Google, you invest in custom.

Limitless Growth. A website template is always on limited time. When you opt to invest in a custom web design, you’ll get more time (three to four years, versus maybe 18 months to two years) of a current website that works well. You can also ask for your designer to use growth-driven design, which aligns your design with your future goals and objectives and uses your website to work for you.

It’s a Better ROI. Your custom web design comes with a higher initial price tag, but consider the hidden costs of a website template: lower quality, a subpar user experience, higher maintenance costs and an increased security risk.

Imagine something better. Imagine a website design in which your visitors are offered a superior experience, with a site that’s so tuned to their needs that it almost walks them through the buy cycle and turns casual visitors into customers and then brand advocates.

Is it time for a website redesign? Excuse us while we clap our hands over the mouths of our in-house website design team, who can’t wait to tell you at least a dozen more reasons why custom is a great way to go.

If a website template is the right fit for you, we do website packages too. We are focused on what’s right for your brand and delivering growth in ways that fit your budget.


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