Web Development

Have a website but know people can’t find it? Built your latest online presence with WIX and now feel stuck? Starting a new business and don’t know the first thing about how to promote your business online?

We could keep going with the options, but you get the idea. Our customers come to us with problems with their website and we help them find solutions. Yes, we have website packages that can satisfy what you need, but we can also custom-build a solution with personalized website design if you want something bigger and better. The only limitation is your budget.

You’ll want to explore the option of a responsive and interactive design with informative website content, which we can help you build. From custom designs to affordable managed website packages, we have a variety of options to fit your website needs and to meet your budget.

And don’t forget search engine optimization (SEO) — three words that may seem daunting to you, but for SJC Marketing, it is one of the major focuses of our website strategies and marketing plans. Every digital marketing tactic that we implement centers around the goal of increasing your site traffic by ensuring your content is rich with keywords. This includes the addition keyword-focused blogs, digital ads, meta descriptions, alt text and website content. The key to SEO success is in consistent and effective tactics that follow a proven strategy. Without it, your site simply won’t be found.