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5 Keys to a Solid Email Marketing Strategy

To achieve a good return on investment for email marketing, make sure you’re using personalization.

Using email marketing as a way to connect with your target audience is an effective strategy, with a return on investment of 28.5% compared to only 7% for direct mail. The trouble is that many companies don’t utilize effective email practices and don’t see the return on investment that is possible with email campaigns.

How can you capitalize on the potential that email has for generating leads and growth? We have a white paper full of information you will want to read about generating leads with email marketing! You will also want to take a look at these five practices that you should employ for a solid email marketing strategy:

Get personal. Many marketers know that they should personalize their emails, but many never get past the “Hello, Mrs. Fill-in-the-blank” approach that more quickly calls to mind a little kid trying to sell cookies door-to-door than a savvy business practice.

Don’t just plug names into a mass email. Instead, get started with personalization with a relatively easy plan. Separate your target audience into segments, and then create emails that speak specifically to that group of people. Offer personalization promotions, value-added content and news about upcoming new products.

Don’t fall victim to spam filters. Watch the words you use in your subject line and elsewhere in your email text. There are certain words and phrases that tend to land you in the dreaded spam folder, so don’t put something like “50% Off” in your subject line.

Change your timing. If you’re not seeing the response you want to your emails, consider your timing. Maybe you originally timed your emails to arrive when your target audience might be opening their emails at the start of the day. Don’t be afraid to try different timing to see if you’ll increase your engagement.

Check your addresses. Make sure your emails are actually being received by an engaged audience. Check your bounce rate to see if any addresses have bounced more than once, and think about utilizing an email verification service to validate the quality of your list.

Optimize for mobile. If you’re not optimizing for mobile, stop reading this and go get started. It’s that important. Few emails are opened on a desktop anymore, so if your emails aren’t easily read on email, you want to fix that right away.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience, so contact us at SJC Marketing to get more tips on cleaning up your strategy for measurable lead generation.

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