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5 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making With Facebook Ads

Tinkering too much or too little with Facebook ads can make them ineffective.

Facebook ads sometimes can appear to be a “set it and forget it” type of tool, but there may be more to success than you’re realizing. While Facebook ads can be deceivingly simple, there are five common mistakes you can avoid to maximize their effectiveness:

Mistake #1: Becoming a Broken Record

Don’t run your Facebook ads all the time, or you’ll risk fatiguing your best targeted segments. Instead, look for the ideal times to run your ads and then target them specifically for that time slot. Just like you shouldn’t create content designed to appeal to everyone, you also shouldn’t try to distribute an ad around the clock. You’ll get noticed by no one.

Mistake #2: You’re Leading Them to Nothing

You can have a compelling, exciting Facebook ad, and ruin all of your efforts with a landing page that’s ineffective. Whether it offers inconsistent branding, a message that doesn’t dovetail with your ad or has too many images or too much text, your landing page must be just as compelling and engaging as your Facebook ads.

Mistake #3: You Tinkered Too Soon

If your Facebook ads aren’t delivering, of course you’ll want to make adjustments. But don’t do it until you’re sure that’s what’s necessary. Many marketers jump in to make adjustments within the first few hours of a campaign, and that’s way too soon. There’s a learning phase for your Facebook ad, where data is being gathered and the platform is making its own adjustments, so let it do what it needs to do. Make your adjustments tomorrow if your ad is still delivering lackluster results.

Mistake #4: You Didn’t Tinker at All

Sure, you don’t want to mess with your ad too soon, but there’s definitely a time to make some adjustments. If your ad isn’t accomplishing what you’d hoped, maybe it’s time to adjust your audience, your timing or maybe even the design of the ad.

Mistake #5: Marketing to Converted Customers

Of course you want to continue marketing to those that have converted, but not with the same messages you used to convert them. Once they’re your customer, it’s time to move on to the next steps in your retargeting efforts. Otherwise, you’ll give them the impression that you didn’t notice they’d converted, and that’s a good way to prevent a second sale.

If you need help getting started with Facebook Ads, or if you’re staring down a faltering campaign and you’re not sure why, our team at SJC Marketing would love to meet with you.

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