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Generational Differences Informing Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, your target audience determines the platform you invest in most heavily.

Social media marketing provides an opportunity to connect with your target audience, but it’s important to have an understanding of the platforms. Even more importantly, you need an understanding of where your target audience likes to spend their time.

Your content can only be viewed by those most likely to convert if it’s appearing on the platforms where they hang out. If you’re in a highly visual industry, such as event planning or photography, it may seem like Instagram is a sure hit. But if you tend to target second weddings or legacy family photos, your audience may be more likely to spend time on Facebook.

Where Generations Spend Time: Analysts find that platform use can differ between generations. For instance, a survey of 1,000 adults by Animoto found that while Baby Boomers utilize YouTube and their Facebook Feed, Gen X and Millennials also add in Facebook Stories to their social media use.

Gen Z, or “Zoomers” have a more visual element to their preferences, with YouTube, Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed and Snapchat topping their social media consumption.

And while Gen X and Millennials tend to follow brands on Facebook, you’re more likely to see a Zoomer follow an Instagram profile for a brand.

It’s All About Video: It’s a good idea to base your social media marketing on data, not guesses. For instance, you may be putting off an investment in video content, because you assume it’s not going to play a big factor in your growth.

Consider this: across Gen X, Gen Z and Millennials, YouTube is their top platform for making purchase decisions. Even 38% of Baby Boomers say they trust a brand more that uses videos to tell about their products than brands that don’t.

What This Means for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy: First, it’s important to know your audience and where they spend their time. If your appeal stretches to more than one generation, be ready to segment your market for better engagement.

Second, if you haven’t jumped in to video content, it’s time to try it. Whether you begin with a simple how-to or use it to do a behind-the-scenes look at your business or debut a new product, it’s not hard to get started.

At SJC Marketing, our strategies for social media marketing rely heavily on solid data to help you reach your audience. Let’s get started on a strategy to reach your unique audience!

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