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Why TikTok Might Be Perfect for B2B Marketing

TikTok seems perfect for B2C, but B2B marketers can also get a lot out of the platform.

Nobody ever said that either of the Bs in B2B marketing stood for “boring.” And yet, that’s often the approach taken to promoting businesses. In order to be taken seriously, you think you need to be all business, all the time.

If this has been your approach, it’s time to shake things up and have a little fun. And the perfect place to do it might be TikTok.

TikTok Isn’t Just for Dancing Animals: Without realizing it, you may have mentally sorted social media platforms into certain categories. Facebook is for B2C, LinkedIn is for B2B and TikTok is for teenagers showing each other how to dance.

But these subconscious associations can put unintended limitations on your B2B marketing. What TikTok is truly known for is authenticity. In the online social setting, that might be a breath of fresh air for your audiences. Showing your human side in a quick, funny video, whether it’s a how-to or a behind-the-scenes, can be a powerful way to connect with your target market.

TikTok Also Isn’t Just for Young People: You may dismiss TikTok as being a young person’s site, mostly for teens and those in their 20s. While it’s true that 41% of users are between ages 16 and 24, that leaves 59% for all the other age groups. So, no matter what ages are in your audience, it’s likely that you’ll meet some of them hanging out on TikTok.

Make an Emotional Connection: Because it’s a place for authenticity, TikTok is a great platform for making an emotional connection with your audience. You only have a few seconds, so you’ll need to set the tone with precision and speed.

A short, funny video can be an effective way to make your brand memorable or show off a part of your personality rarely highlighted. You can use TikTok to display employee pets, highlight an off-the-wall office tradition or talk about a charity your team loves.

It’s also a good place for recycling content that has already performed well for you in the past. If you’ve had a few blogs that really took off, TikTok is the perfect platform for a short video that highlights the same information.

Another great reason you should try TikTok for B2B marketing is that it doesn’t take your previous engagement or follower numbers into consideration when it decides how to rank your video. It’s all based on individual posts, so you can get good results and fast.

So, if you’re thinking that you might as well give it a try, you’re right. Contact us at SJC Marketing to get started!

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