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What You Might Not Know About Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a great way to infuse your marketing with relatability.

Do you associate Instagram Stories with social sharing and even with industries that are more visually geared, like fashion, photography, wedding planning or travel? It may surprise you to find that it can also be a great place for insurance companies, accounting firms, automotive parts manufacturers and other industries that are service-based or B2B.

Here are three important benefits that Instagram Stories can bring to your marketing plan:

It’s a Two-For-One Deal: You probably know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, but you may not be aware of all the benefits that come with a profile on both platforms. Not only are you able to reach audiences on both sites with simultaneous posts, there are certain features that come with Instagram only when you also have a profile on Facebook, such as running Insta ads or adding shoppable posts.

It Humanizes Your Brand: The industries that you most easily associate with Instagram clearly gain a lot by showing off visually-appealing products or locations, but it can be a game-changer for companies that aren’t as easily visible. Instagram Stories makes it possible to show off how funny your team is or the role that quality plays in how you make decisions about products, reminding your audiences that you’re people…just like them. It’s especially helpful for companies that are behind-the-scenes suppliers or service industries that are less visible to consumers.

It Gives You Insights: When you have a business profile with Instagram, you get access to Instagram Insights, which provides valuable data:

  • Number of times each post was viewed
  • The time of engagement for each time viewers engaged
  • Demographic information about viewers, including age and gender.

This information is helpful for understanding which types of Instagram Stories are getting the most traction with your audiences and the best times of day for posting.

Instagram really shines in its ability to authentically showcase the humanity, the humor and the values of any business. Our team would love to help your company shine on Instagram!  We can’t wait to talk to you more!

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