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Our approach to graphic design is much more strategic than a DIY approach. There has to be a reason for the design and knowing how to use a program and knowing the right way to put together a company rebranding are two completely different things. 

We’re not a DIY shop. We’re a professional marketing strategy agency with designers that have more than 30 years of combined experience.

We’re talking about much more than art school; our designers know and understand how design is applied in business. And it matters. How you present yourself to the market says a lot about who you are as a company. If you’re not intentional with design and its application, your brand won’t be memorable. You want your logo to resonate far beyond simply making a single sale. Instead, it should stick in the minds of your customers and cause them to come back time after time. 

The design applied tells the audience how you approach your market, while the experience you create for the customer when they make a purchase reinforces that approach. As a marketing strategy agency, we can help you properly marry the two. Sometimes that will start with freehand drawing, sometimes it will start in the Adobe suite, and still sometimes it will start in a brainstorming session with our team. 

The point is our design team is passionate about art and how that applies to business design. The rest of our team is passionate about how we use that design to make your marketing produce results. Want to have some fun? Let’s talk graphic design. 

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