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Using Content Marketing to Launch a New Product

Identifying a problem, or pain point, is a great place to start your content marketing strategy.

If you’ve never implemented content marketing as a strategic technique in your business, there are a few good reasons you should invest in it:

  • Brand Awareness: Regularly publishing valuable content helps your brand name become more known
  • Building a Reputation: As you gain a voice in your industry, buyers will begin to think of your brand first and want your expertise
  • Engaging Audiences: When content marketing is done well, it starts conversations and relationships
  • Expanding Audiences: As you share engaging content, your followers on social media or those on your email subscription list will pass it to colleagues and friends

There are many instances in which content marketing can help promote the objectives of your business, but this blog focuses on the steps you can take to ensure a successful product launch with the assistance of content marketing. Here are the steps you can follow:

Identify the Pain Point: Whether it’s one pain point or many, your product should be answering a need or solving a problem for your target market. By drawing attention to this pain point, you are priming your audience for the release of your new product. Write a blog, create a video or post on social media about the problem you’ve identified.

Announce Your New Product Launch: Before the date arrives that you intend to use as your release date, talk up your new product. Focus some attention on the date it will arrive and tease your audience about some of the features it will include. Be careful not to tell everything; you want to pump up the suspense before the release date. Consider offering some of your most loyal customers early access.

Announce the Release: Your product has hit the market and it’s available for sale. Announce your new product all over social media, through an email announcement and on your website. Make sure there are easy and clear instructions for making a purchase.

Continue Your Promotions: It’s easy to check a product launch off your list and move on to other projects, but be sure to follow up with members of your target audience that may have missed the original release of your new product. Consider making videos that show little-known uses for your product or best practices for getting the most mileage out of your product.

Content marketing is a great way to engage your target audience and generate growth. Contact us at SJC Marketing for some creative ideas to get your strategy going.

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