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3 Formats to Include in a Solid Video Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will benefit from including video, but you need a solid strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute just released its 2022 Content Marketing and Visual Storytelling Survey, and there’s clear information about the future of video content and its role in your marketing strategy: 73% of marketers say video is growing in importance. But 88% say they aren’t using video to its full potential.

So, what’s needed? According to 59% of respondents, it’s a solid video marketing strategy. And a strategy is critical, but you also need a healthy dose of creativity. The way to get your video to stand out in the noise is by creating something different, fun and memorable. Here are three formats to successfully include video in your marketing strategy:

Come Up With a Hook: How are you going to entice and hook consumers to get them to click on your video? Think about things that are interesting and important to your target market. For instance, as a marketing company, SJC Marketing might create a video that tells what kind of marketing messages you favor depending on your favorite color. It’s fun, it’s informative and it’s likely to offer a lot of creative opportunities.

Go for a Twist: Sometimes you can stand out just by doing something completely unexpected with your video. For instance, Grainger produced a video that featured relaxing, muted sounds and sights associated with power tools and motors. It’s fascinating to watch and relaxing to hear, exactly the opposite of what you would expect with Grainger.

Bulldoze Misconceptions: Is there a buzz in your industry that’s getting the reality all twisted up? Maybe you have seen the same question asked so many times that you’ve realized there are a lot of misconceptions about your product. Using video in your marketing strategy is a prime opportunity to blow up misconceptions and address them simply and clearly in a short video.

A great example is this 15-second video by Manifest that addresses misconceptions about paper packaging.

Ready to get started including video in your marketing strategy? Reach out to SJC Marketing, where we help you take a strategic approach to video content, developing creative campaigns that drive traffic and increase lead generation.

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