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What Role Does User Intent Play in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

A solid content marketing strategy uses keywords based on user intent to target the right audiences.

Your use of keywords in your content marketing strategy should take a lot of factors into consideration.

Elements like search volume, seasonality and localization can all influence the ways you identify the most important keywords. But user intent is one of the most important considerations, helping you prioritize what’s most relevant to your target market.

It’s also one of the trickier parts of content marketing.

Google determines what search intent is, using it to prioritize results on a search engine results page (SERP). Here are some key tips for getting user intent right:

Don’t Be Tempted by Volume: A common pitfall across every kind of keyword approach is the tendency to be blinded by the lure of high-volume keywords. Instead of going after the low-volume keywords you are most likely to be successful with, you pursue the most popular ones and end up not seeing improvement in your rankings.

Don’t Discount Competitive Research: Finding out how people are finding your competitors helps you identify keywords and get clues into user intent. Use these insights to develop your content to more accurately draw in the right audiences.

Think About Hub-and-Spoke Models: When designing your content marketing strategy, it may be helpful to think about a hub-and-spoke model for your content. Your hub pages focus more on transactional keywords and then spoke out to informational keywords. This strategy helps you match each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Do Some Listening: Understanding search intent is about recognizing natural speech patterns related to your industry. This is not how you, as an insider, talk about your products and services. It’s how potential customers talk about them.

User intent is one of the harder parts of content marketing, but that’s why you turn to the expertise of SJC Marketing. We can help you determine not just how you talk about what you have to offer, but how your potential customers might talk about it, and how they might search for it. Contact us to get started.

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