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Are Blogs Still Part of a Solid Content Marketing Strategy?

Your content marketing strategy builds a loyal audience with consistent blogs.

Despite the popularity of videos on social media, blogs remain an important tool for building a loyal following in content marketing.

Why are content marketing and blogging so intertwined? First and foremost, it increases your brand’s visibility. The more you get yourself out there, the more people will take notice. Furthermore, when you focus on producing the right kind of content that answers important questions your target audience has, you become a thought leader. This means potential customers will recognize you as an expert in the field and be more likely to become loyal to you.

The practice of blogging isn’t lost on a majority of businesses, almost 90% of whom say they have used blogs in the last 12 months to make an impact on their target audience. But simply pushing out blog after blog doesn’t guarantee success. Following a few simple best practices, you can ensure that your time and energy creating blogs has an impact.

The Benefits of Blog Content

Blogging serves numerous purposes. Many organizations focus on nurturing their customers and then converting them with their blog content. Others look to grow their online traffic. If your goal is simply to boost interest in your products or services, blogging is a highly useful tool. What most companies have found is that blogging is an excellent way to keep current customers engaged.

Tell a Story

Everyone appreciates a good story. Whether it’s in the form of a book, movie, comedy routine or content marketing material, creating a story that is relatable to your target audience will make a huge difference. You need to create a story that speaks to the needs of your audience, touches on things that are important to them, and then distribute your story through a blog, posted where your audiences spend time.

Make it Unique to Your Brand

If one of the goals of blogging is to make your brand more visible, you have to create unique content that engages your potential customer. Take a look around at what your competitors are doing with blogs. Do some research on what competitors are doing to gain traction, how things rank in search and how you can create something that is on-trend but unique that will differentiate your brand and create loyal followers.

Need assistance with your content marketing? At SJC Marketing, we continue using blogging as an integral part of developing strategies for companies like yours. Contact us and let’s discuss how to effectively cultivate a loyal audience through blogging.


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