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3 Tips For Content Marketing Success

Know your audience, their habits and beef up your content marketing efforts.

It’s not always easy to grab the attention of your target market, and with the amount of information out there today, it can be hard to break through all the noise. With a few augmentations to your content marketing strategy, you can stand out in the crowd and see stronger engagement with consumers.

The “When and Where” is Important

Hopefully, you’ve already got the “who and what” down, as knowing your target audience’s needs will give you the information you must have to craft content that solves their problems, answers their questions and satisfies their curiosity. But do you know when and where to reach them with the content?

Your content needs to be optimized for the channels it appears on. For example, words and images you create for LinkedIn are going to differ from those that you put on Twitter. That goes for video, too, as your YouTube audience will expect something different than what you post on Instagram Stories.

Also, consider the channels that are used most by your audience – not all of the channels. Most organizations don’t have the bandwidth to cover that much ground, and you won’t see a strong ROI if you aren’t on channels your audience spends time on.

Also, when is the best time to post your content marketing efforts? Your target audience is overwhelmed with information already, so don’t just throw content at the wall and see what sticks. Put out information at peak engagement times that solves pain points for your customers or that shares who you are as a brand. All of your content should offer value to your audiences.

Research when your target audience is most active, particularly on social media, and only post during those times so your content doesn’t get lost in the feed.

On-Target Messaging

Have you personalized your content to match a segmented audience? Sure, you know your overall audience, but have you broken them down into segments so you can make your content more personalized?

Whenever you begin developing new material, take a step back and make sure you’ve thoroughly evaluated the audience. Glean insights into how they’ve evolved since you last made a content outreach attempt and finesse your messaging to match those changes. Organizations that do this see a 10% spike in sales. But even if the campaign doesn’t lead directly to a sale, the personalization builds loyalty in those who will likely make a purchase in the near future.

Tackle the Toughest Tasks

One of the most difficult things to do in creating content can be contextualizing your strategy, which gives you some insights into whether or not the content you have created is of value to the segmented groups.

One way to tackle this is to be proactive and research the content they’re consuming on these channels, then you can create something more in line with their interests. Does your target audience frequent specific Facebook groups? Take that as a hint to get in there and mine information from those posts and discussions and compile a post of bullet points of all the most salient pointers, tips and quotes from knowledgeable contributors.

Need assistance putting your content together? SJC can help you do that, as well as research and strategize your content marketing efforts across the board. Contact us and let’s discuss your next campaign.

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