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Bring in an expert to assist you in creating better video marketing content.

The influence that video has on viewers is powerful. Video marketing has grown to the point where the vast majority of businesses are utilizing it as a tool for reaching consumers. Video’s biggest advantage is that it allows you to connect to your target audience in ways other marketing strategies don’t. There’s a definite emotional impact, but how can you hone your strategy to get the best results?

There is no limit to what you can do with your videos, but the following techniques are some of the most popular:

  • Video Tutorials
    Video-based learning is something all generations have adopted, but the youngest, Gen Z, has really embraced it. Video tutorials offer an easy-to-digest means of gaining information about a product or service and can influence a consumer to make a purchase.
  • Unboxing
    Whether it’s living vicariously through someone who has a product they want or if it’s just getting a better understanding of a product of interest, nobody can deny the popularity of videos of products being unpackaged, put together and used.
  • Company Culture
    It’s not uncommon for consumers today to establish loyalty to a brand because of their company culture, not just because of its products or services. Tell a story about your culture and what your brand stands for and gain more followers.
  • FAQ
    You take the lead from the FAQ on your website and expand it into a more personalized video that helps your target audience gain more perspective in a more entertaining format.

When you know more about where your target audience goes to become informed, you can build more channel-specific content. For many companies, using live video on Facebook or Instagram allows them to connect in real-time with their valued and potential customers.

Partner With an Expert

While your videos don’t necessarily always have to be fun, they need to be engaging. It’s a challenge to build the right kind of content for channels that feature videos. It’s an even bigger challenge to correctly record a video and have quality outcomes. It’s for these reasons it could be valuable to bring in an expert to assist you.

At SJC, we have produced videos for clients in a variety of industries. From researching your target audience to writing the script; capturing the audio and visuals to publishing them in the right places – we can do it all.

Learn more about what we can offer by contacting us today.

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