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Get More Eyes on Your Brand With Video Marketing

With a variety of platforms from which to choose, video marketing is sure to be a hit with your target audience.

Video might have started as a fad, then developed into a hot trend, but for a while now, video marketing has been a go-to strategy for bringing more eyes to a brand. It’s estimated that users have doubled the amount of video they consume since 2018, according to a survey by Wyzowl. It’s a sure sign that many brands have put a focus on uploading video content for use on mobile platforms.

Taking a look at other stats from the survey tell us just how important videos are as a part of a marketing strategy for many companies:

  • 86% of companies use video in marketing
  • 42% use live-action video
  • 62% say they use their videos to get more social media shares and likes
  • 87% say video marketing has helped them increase traffic
  • 94% say video has helped viewers gain an understanding of products/services

How customers use video can also give you important insights as you look at videos as a part of your marketing strategy:

  • 96% of consumers have watched “explainer” videos to educate themselves about a product or service
  • 88% say videos convinced them to make a purchase
  • Consumers watch an average of 19 hours of video per week
  • Consumers are twice as likely to share video content than other types

The statistics make it clear: video marketing can play a valuable role in your overall marketing strategy.

Live Streaming Advantages

Live streaming gives you access to a big audience, all tuned in to simultaneously take part in a real-life event, albeit through a screen. It’s a method of offering personalized content and interaction that goes a long way with consumers yearning for a connection, particularly with brands they feel loyal to.

The way you use live streaming depends on your content type and what you’re trying to achieve. For example, B2B companies see success with panel sessions where they field questions and provide insightful answers. This can be a learning tool that prompts a lead to jump into the buy cycle. You can use live streaming events to unveil a new product or service, introduce new team members, or sponsor a contest where you’re giving something away.

Some organizations use video marketing to show their company culture and give an insight into the company’s personality, perhaps by introducing leadership and team members.

Whether it’s Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram Live, TikTok or the platform of your choice, developing a video marketing plan is sure to get more eyes on your brand.

Find out more about how to make it work for you by contacting SJC today. We can help you with every aspect of your video marketing.

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