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Monday Morning Coffee Celebrates National Be Heard Day

SJC Marketing shares one of their favorite places to grab a delicious drink on date night.

Monday, March 7 is National Be Heard Day, a celebration of small businesses that encourages owners to get out there and make themselves known. Whether it’s posting your first social media update or making a guest appearance on a podcast, Be Heard Day offers a reminder to get yourself in front of people and talk up your business.

Coffee is a great way to warm up your voice, so grab a mug and let’s talk about what you can do to Be Heard this March 7.

Be Heard Day is today, March 7. Use it to talk up your small business!

As a small business, you probably rely a lot on word of mouth and your reputation for good quality and reliability. What if you used Be Heard Day to highlight your business in a new way? Here are some ways you can celebrate today:

Make Some Noise: Post an update on Facebook or finally give in to that business partner that’s been asking you to appear on their podcast. Find some new way to express yourself that elevates your business.

Make Some Improvements: After you’ve taken that first step of making some public noise, it’s good to keep the momentum going. Use the excitement of Be Heard Day to take the next step and engage in some self-improvement. Maybe you will meet with a mentor, read a book written by an entrepreneur or write up a strategy for a business goal you’ve been considering.

Once you're in the swing of Be Heard Day, use it to advance your growth as a business owner.

Make Improvements to Your Story: People are natural storytellers and when we’re not telling a story we want to be hearing one. Be Heard Day is the perfect opportunity to craft the elevator pitch version of your story. And don’t miss the often-omitted crux of your elevator pitch: it should be used to make a connection. Don’t make it solely about you; make it about your audience.

Make it an Annual Celebration: Be Heard Day is always March 7, so when you put it on your digital calendar, go ahead and schedule the event to repeat every year. You’ll be glad to have an annual occasion to push yourself out of your typical tasks and put your business out in front of people.

Try a new kind of social media post or guest-host a podcast with a business partner to celebrate Be Heard Day.

You might find that Be Heard Day launches into an ongoing strategy.

At SJC Marketing, we specialize in helping businesses be heard every day, not just once a year. Today we tip our mugs to all the small businesses out there, taking a moment to Be Heard on Monday, March 7. We think we’ll join you!


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