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Express Yourself: How Emojis Affect Your SEO

Images and video boost your SEO, but what about emojis? Google answers that question.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a challenging concept for business owners trying to stay current on marketing trends. It is complex to begin with, and it changes frequently, with algorithms that are replaced almost as soon as they appear.

From keywords in content to whitespace on your website, and meta descriptions placed in just the right spots, following SEO best practices is a time-consuming discipline.

But never fear. That’s why you look at a marketing agency with SEO specialists on staff so that you can focus on your business and just let them tell you what matters. This blog answers a question that comes up a lot in SEO discussions: what about emojis?

Visual Content Matters: You know that images and videos boost your ranking on search engines. The more you mix text and visual content, and the more frequently you update it, the better for your site. Search engines will regard your site as being active and engaging, which tends to be favored in algorithms.

And it’s not enough just to pile in a bunch of video clips or stock images. Search engines care about load speed, the quality of your images and how they are positioned on the page.

But Emojis Aren’t Exactly Visual Content: Emojis are fun and they can help you express yourself, but don’t count on them to give your SEO a boost. Google said in a recent SEO update meeting that Google won’t favor content that places emojis in the titles or descriptions.

Google either ignores the emoji or replaces it with a word that best describes that emoji.

Think About Your Voice and Goals: In other words, don’t pepper a title with emojis because you think it’s going to boost your ranking results. Instead, consider whether placing an emoji in a title fits with your brand voice and the message you are sending to your audiences.

For instance, if you’re a financial advisor, healthcare provider or in another industry where trust and credibility are highly prioritized, emojis are likely not in your best interest. But if you’re a party planner for middle school events, go ahead and express yourself in emojis.

If you’re not sure where emojis serve you best or even how to get started with an SEO strategy, that’s why we’re here. Contact us at SJC Marketing and find out how to use your website, content and even emojis strategically, as part of a comprehensive plan for growth.

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