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3 Reasons to Use Real Estate Drone Photography

It can be hard to show the vastness of a large piece of land without real estate drone photography.

When you’re selling a property, you want to capture the location’s best look. You know all that’s valuable there, from the beautiful landscaping to the grove of evergreens at the edge of the property. Capturing all of the aspects of a valuable property can be a challenge with a traditional snapshot. Even with a wide-angle lens, you may not be able to convey its worth. Here are three reasons why real estate drone photography is a better choice:

You Get Perspective: If you are selling several acres, you can easily showcase the house and land in a single, perfectly angled shot with drone photography. You’ll be able to show the vastness of the property and display it at its best.

You Show Potential: Are there acres for farming or a spot that’s perfect for a new outbuilding? Maybe there’s a yard that begs to be dug for an inground pool or a pad for a basketball court. When you use real estate drone photography, you show not just what is, but what could be.

You Show Off the House: From a perfectly-maintained roof to showing off the best angle on a multi-storied house, good drone photography will show your home from multiple flattering angles that help you get a fast sale.

Homes advertised with professional photography sell faster and at a higher price than those using regular snapshots on a smartphone. Using real estate drone photography can help you sell a home for the price you want and help you move your selling process faster. Contact us at SJC Marketing to learn more about how drone photography improves your sale.

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