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Savor Your Monday Morning Coffee and Let’s Talk About Weddings

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

Ah, don’t you just love wedding season? You dust off your best duds, dig into your closet to find your one formal clutch purse and try to figure out which way the “C” goes in YMCA without consulting a mirror. Maybe you have to throw a shower for a blushing bride or attend a bachelor party, and all the while you may be thinking, “This time of year always reminds me of content marketing…”

What do you mean, weddings don’t make you think of content marketing? Well, they do for us.

You’re about to find out why, and it all comes from a well-known rhyme that helps brides shape ideas for the special tokens they carry on their wedding day:

Something Old: When it comes to weddings, it may be Granny’s handkerchief or her wedding ring, but when it comes to content marketing, it’s your all-stars. It’s the blog or infographic that you ran a few months or even a year ago that lit up social media and had your website hopping with activity. Repurpose it into another format if you like, but make sure it keeps its compelling elements.

Something New: To keep things in balance and show that your brand isn’t getting dusty, be sure to discuss some topics in your content marketing pieces that are more cutting edge. Talk about emerging trends or new ways to handle old problems. It may not be quite as exciting as donning a gorgeous Vera Wang gown, but it’s maybe more effective at earning money (unless you land some big spenders at the dollar dance!).

Something Borrowed: Be sure to showcase your colleagues and industry influencers now and then on your social media or blog site. It’s good for them to have companies sharing their content, and it’s good for you to have fresh ideas to share.

Something Blue: This is the one part of this metaphor that has us stretching a bit, but just stick with it because it’s otherwise very clever, don’t you think? This part of the rhyme is simply a reminder to keep things colorful. Try a dash of humor or a bit of the unexpected in your content marketing to keep things fun.

A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe: Got a piece of content that’s really gaining some traction on social media? Consider putting some cash behind it with paid advertising. Running these kinds of ads can help direct members of your target audience right to your website.

Everyone knows the best part of any wedding is the cake, and at SJC, we’re not above bribery. If cake is what gets you to the wedding, it might get you to our office, too. Contact us for an appointment and be sure to mention that you expect cake at the initial consultation. We’ll see you soon for a content marketing strategy session.

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