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Why Your CEO Should Care About Brand Design

Brand design must be consistent, even down to social media posts and slideshow presentations.

It’s hard to imagine your company rolling out a new logo without consulting with the C-suite. You’d never move forward with a completely new web design without getting buy-in from the board. So, why is it that the interest in brand design sometimes doesn’t go much further?

Your brand design requires consistency, from your logo to every social media post you produce. Otherwise, you start watering down your brand and your brand loses its value. There’s so much online noise that it’s hard enough to assert your brand identity in digital marketing; it’s so much harder if your brand messaging is so muddled that consumers don’t even recognize your marketing as you. You really should read our white paper about the value of the integrated brand, it has in-depth information about delivering consistent customer experience.

Some research by Lucidpress and Demand Metric found that average revenue increases by 23% when there’s brand consistency. So, it’s surprising that the same survey discovered that only about 10% of organizations believe they’ve achieved brand consistency.

So, how can you make it clear that you see the connection between brand design and your company’s success in terms of sales and revenue? There are three simple steps that will get you started:

Designate a Brand Guardian: Yes, that’s the marketing version of the hall monitor. They want to see your communication plan, your social strategy and every other connection point with your target audience to authorize it as aligning with your brand design. They’ll check for color scheme, personality, tone, word choice and the overall look of your marketing content.

Create Brand Guidelines: These are the “rules” the brand guardian uses to determine if content is created according to your brand design. It’s the color scheme and other factors listed above, but it’s also a concise and powerful communication of your brand story. It’s a good idea to have a stylebook available so that employees can reference it as they create content and communications.

Ease the Process with Automation: If the above two steps seem like a bit too much to implement, try exploring options for automation. Software applications designed to automate the approval process for brand design make it easier to consistently move content and other communications through the approval process.

As a company executive, you’ve got a lot to oversee, but make sure you keep brand design in your list of priorities. To get started on a comprehensive brand design strategy, contact us at SJC Marketing.

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