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Rethinking Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the best social media marketing strategies is an employee advocacy program.

It’s easy to get caught up in the social media marketing world and forget what it’s really all about. A recent survey by Sprout Social shows that many of us are on track with smart marketing and a few others are still being dazzled by likes. (If you don’t already receive our newsletter, sign up today to learn more about smart marketing tactics!) Here are some compelling social media statistics from the Sprout Social survey to think about as you focus on your social media strategy:

47% of social media marketers identify their number one challenge as supporting business initiatives. That number should be bigger. If you’re not using social media to help you get to quantitative business goals, you’re not engaging fully in your social media marketing. You might be hanging out on social media, but marketing is focused on measurable outcomes, such as increased website traffic and boosting conversions.

71% of social media marketers report being able to deliver insights from social media to other departments. If you’re not using the analytics provided by social media platforms to support your other departments, don’t wait another minute to get started. Facebook, in particular, has extensive data available that can help your sales department, as well as other areas of your business, like product development, better understand your target market.

77% of consumers say that they’re more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow on social media versus one they do not. Okay, so there is some justification for racking up followers and likes, and this is it. It’s not a slam dunk like some other metrics, but improving your brand presence on social media will likely give sales a boost. Just make sure you’re measuring these areas to be able to determine ROI.

63% of social media marketers believe that listening is going to become more important in the future. You’re all about what you’re going to post next, but it’s also critical to know what’s being said about your brand. Social media listening is becoming a key part of any social media marketing strategy, because it’s such critical insight into how your brand is perceived by the public.

If your social media marketing strategy needs tightening up in terms of quantitative metrics or if you just wish someone else could manage your social media presence, contact us at SJC Marketing. We’ve got insights ready to share, and we can even take the whole thing off your hands for comprehensive service that delivers measurable growth.

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