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6 Tips for Displaying Your Definitive Brand Design on Social Media Profiles

Your brand design should be evident in all your posts on social media.

Your brand design is more than your logo or your name; it’s the total package that includes your color palette, personality and overall feel to your brand. It’s what makes members of your target audience immediately recognize content that’s been posted by you. (If you want to know more about taking your brand to a new level, we would love to talk with you!)

It’s important for your brand to be consistent across channels. Here’s your guide to creating a social media presence that will showcase your brand consistently on all your social media profiles:

Stick with your color palette: A good designer will help you zero in on a color palette that looks great, not just on your logo, but across your website and social media profiles. If you stray away from your core colors, you’ll begin to water down your brand and you will no longer be recognizable by your target audience.

Be consistent: Your color palette should be the same across all of your profiles, but your look should also be consistent. If it’s edgy and ultra-modern on Facebook, it should be the same on Instagram and LinkedIn. If vintage lace is your thing, you want it framing your profiles on every social platform.

Consider a particular look: There are a lot to choose from, but some brands identify a specific style that helps boost their design. From minimalist to monochrome or bold, there may be a look that screams your brand. You may also decide that a particular type of color scheme fits your brand personality and informs your brand design, such as a completely pastel color scheme.

Switch to illustrations: For a particular promotion or to showcase a different part of your brand design, think about swapping photos for illustrations. Of course, you’ll need an artist that is in sync with your brand and can extend your consistent look to their art.

If you are into words, invest in them: If quotes are a thing for your company, make the effort to invest in nice fonts that fit your brand design. There are online tools that can help you identify the right font, and you can also look around at other brand designs to think about what fits your company.

When it comes to brand design, SJC Marketing knows how to create a look that is uniquely you. In fact, in one glance at your profile, your customers will say, “I knew it was you!” Contact us for an initial consultation to talk about how we create your brand design within a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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