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Real Estate Video Marketing Provides Great Example of How to Increase Customer Engagement

Want to see a 160 percent increase in organic traffic? Try using video in your marketing strategy.

It’s Time to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

A component of a marketing strategy that can’t be ignored today is the inclusion of video. Real estate video marketing is a perfect example of an industry that has jumped in with both feet and found the results to be impressive.

The reasons are clear: people shopping for a home are almost 73% more likely to visit a house that has video in the listing. When real estate video marketing includes drone content with images of the home and neighborhood from above, that’s a huge perk for shoppers who want more information on a potential home. And that’s just one example of how real estate professionals are getting creative with their video production.

More Stats Proving the Value of Video

The marketing strategy using video isn’t just for real estate professionals — marketers in many industries find that when they begin pushing video content, they see nearly 50% more revenue growth than those who don’t use video.

Part of what’s driving that growth is the fact that when they plug their videos into their social media channels, the videos generate almost 1,200% more shares than their text posts and posts with photographs.

According to a study by Brightcove, video brings on a nearly 160% increase in organic traffic in search. Keywords remain important though, so you have to be strategic in how you’re optimizing your video.

When you include video on your landing page, a study by Forrester found that when you have video on your landing page, you’re 53% more likely to rank within the first page of search engines.

To avoid falling into the out-of-sight out-of-mind scenario, using video can help your target audience to retain 95% of a message. When they’re reading text alone, research from Invisia shows that they’re only going to retain 10% of the content you’ve worked so hard to relay.

Tips on Successfully Integrating Video Into Your Strategy

It takes more than just putting up any video you have to get the results you want in your marketing strategy. These tips are important to keep in mind for a better ROI on your video marketing:

  • Keep your videos at four minutes or less.
  • Transcribed text assists Google in pushing your search results up higher, so transcribe your text.
  • Utilize an impactful thumbnail beside the description of your video, because this creates rich video snippets that draw more attention to your video.
  • Embed your video to your site.

At SJC Marketing, we’re assisting clients in many industries with top-notch video content. Contact us today and we’ll give you an idea of the success you can achieve with our video marketing expertise.

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