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5 Formats That Could Play a Key Part in Your Video Marketing Strategy

A great video marketing strategy can help you increase customer engagement with your brand.

Creating an effective video strategy begins with a simple guideline if you are just starting out: don’t overthink it. What sounds overwhelming doesn’t have to be, and you can get started with some easy ideas that can be valuable for engaging with your audience.

Here are five formats that could be a valuable part of your video strategy, with a couple of tips for success with each one:

The Live Video: Let’s just get the scariest option out of the way first. Demystifying live video is probably the first step to help you take advantage of this great marketing channel. Stop putting this in the same category of those awful instances where you uncle shoved a camcorder in your face and all you could think to do was wave. This is not that.

A live video can still be scripted, and you don’t have to wing it. You’re talking about something you know a lot about, and you’ve got a clear goal in mind as you plan it. Use this format for announcements, unboxing videos and behind-the-scenes tours. A few tips for success:

  • Check your tech before you get started. A normally-operational phone may decide today is the day to be difficult.
  • Lighting and sound are critical, so plan ahead.
  • Promote often and promote early on your social media profiles.

The Tutorial: This is a great way to offer value to your followers, as well as provide opportunities for questions and comments. If your product has little-known features or uses, or if there are some nuances to the techniques, use a tutorial to equip your customers. A few tips for success:

  • Balance getting to the point of your video with being a bit entertaining.
  • Avoid using tools that your audience is unlikely to have on hand.
  • Stay active in the comments and respond quickly.

The Informational Video: You’re the expert, and it’s time to share your expertise. Repurpose one of your blogs or part of a white paper to offer deep insight into your product or industry, or discuss a pressing subject that’s being passed around your market. A few tips:

  • This is a great time to show off your brand personality: funny, nerdy, bookish…they all land well in an informational video.
  • Don’t make this one too long; you’ll lose people.
  • Ask your followers what they want to know and you’ll get more ideas for the future.

The Behind-the-Scenes Video: Have some fun! Bust out the life-sized stuffed tiger, show off your excessively well-stocked chocolate cabinet, anything that tells the story of your company. Some tips:

  • Get additional people involved, whether that’s a few employees or customers or both.
  • This is not the time for dry, heavily-scripted content. Your viewers should be able to get a sense of your brand and your personality.

The User-Generated Video: Nothing says authentic like user-generated content. Create a theme and invite your followers to jump in with their own creations. Maybe you want to see them boogie down with your product in a jingle contest or you ask them to find a new and funny way to use your product. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Encourage creativity and silliness.
  • Make sure to thank your followers that participate and properly give credit.
  • Invite followers to share the content and get everyone involved with voting for their favorite entries.

Our team at SJC marketing is ready to help get started with a video marketing strategy that will help your brand shine.

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