Marketing Musings

A great video marketing strategy can help you increase customer engagement with your brand.
5 Formats That Could Play a Key Part in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective video strategy begins with a simple guideline if you are just starting out: don’t overthink it. What sounds overwhelming doesn’t have to be, and you can get started with some easy ideas that can be valuable for engaging with your audience. Here are five formats that could be a valuable part of […]

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Taking the right steps in video marketing can put positive attention on your brand.
Proving Your Value One Video at a Time

Video marketing comes in many forms, from testimonials to tutorials, interviews to ads. The use of video has shown to vastly improve traffic and lead generation, which is why video marketing is no longer just a piece of your overall marketing plan – it’s become a focal point of it for many organizations. According to […]

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How to Get Interview Footage for Video Marketing

Quality Video Marketing Footage Produces a High ROI Video content is one of the best marketing investments you can make. Not only does it retain attention longer than other content, video can also retain its value longer. One key determiner of a video’s evergreen value (the potential to continue to hold value long-term and to […]

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