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How Important Is Mobile Responsive Website Design in 2019?

SJC Marketing's Brian Juhl explains the importance of mobile responsive website design in 2019.

SJC Marketing Has the Latest on the Value of a Mobile Responsive Website

Are mobile responsive websites an option or a must? SJC Marketing’s lead web designer Brian Juhl shares his thoughts on the value of mobile responsive websites, and how they’ll affect your SEO and search engine rankings.

Video Transcription

Having a mobile responsive website is really important to Google Rankings, in 2019 especially, because Google has made it clear that they just value websites with a good mobile experience over websites that don’t. A good example of this is their recent switch to accelerated mobile pages where if your website does not have a good mobile experience or isn’t mobile responsive, you’re actually getting penalized for it. So, if it’s 2019 and your website isn’t mobile, you need to get on that, like, right away.

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