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Marketing With Facebook Ads During These Changing Times

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We are all trying to figure out what our marketing strategies should like in these uncertain times. Staying proactive on the marketing front is key, but the tools you use may need to change as things around us are changing. Facebook ads are trending as a way to connect with consumers who are staying incredibly active on social media during times of social distancing.

Facebook has long been a go-to medium for making as many impressions as possible, and mostly through brand awareness ads. Some of your competitors may be waiting out the pandemic and looking to assess the impact later. They may be pushing pause, but it’s important to stay out in front of consumers during this time and let them know you are a brand they can count on.  Facebook Ads are a great tool to utilize to accomplish that.

Lead Generation

Facebook ads can also help you find new leads and build your email marketing list. Your company is probably already sending out emails/newsletters to keep your audience updated on the latest offerings. You can take that a step further by embarking on a Facebook lead ad campaign.

These are effective because they take all the work out of the usual ad process. For example, in the typical scenario, you’re asking your potential leads to click on the ad, go to a landing page, fill out a form, confirm their email and then go to the main part of what you’re offering.

Lead ads through Facebook are a simplified process where all your potential lead has to do is opt-in to the offer.

A Captive Audience

One thing is certain right now – consumers are spending more time than ever online. With the bulk of Americans practicing social distancing, they’re looking for connection electronically.

Whether it’s Facebook ads or simply getting more creative with your Instagram outreach or Tweets, now is the time to make sure your brand stays in front of consumers. Given the complexities of staying proactive in this uncertain time, partnering with a marketing agency to help you maneuver these uncharted waters is important. Our SJC team is actively assisting brands in many industries navigate their marketing journey during this trying time.

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