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Is AI-Generated Content Marketing the Right Fit for Your Business?

AI has its place in marketing, but valuable content marketing utilizes the human experience to engage more consumers.

ChatGPT launched the conversation about artificial intelligence (AI) into high gear when it was unleashed to the public in late 2022, and the conversation lives on with those invested in content marketing. AI has shown value when automating business processes that are burdensome when handled by humans alone. And while saving time is a huge benefit, so too is the lack of human error in these repetitive tasks. But what about utilizing AI for content marketing? Can it generate engagement or cause problems?

Quality Over Quantity

Content marketing specialists can jump on ChatGPT and generate dozens upon dozens of social media posts, but the value of this content has been called into question. The one thing AI fails to do that is of greatest concern to content creators is that it lacks warmth and has an inability to replicate human conversational tone. It checks off the factual data variable, but when targeting one specific group in your target audience, the content generated by AI falls short.

Taking the time to humanize your content so it speaks directly to a segmented audience generates far better results than AI-generated content.

Devaluation Risks

Search has been and will continue to be one of the top concerns of content creators. Don’t risk being devalued by the largest search engine on the planet, Google, because of your AI-generated content.

Google values these above all else: Trustworthiness, experience, expertise and authoritativeness. Many years ago, content needed to only have abundant keywords to rank high in search. Google quickly developed an algorithm to devalue such content in an effort to focus on quality and it has done the same with AI-generated content writing tools, exploiting the flaws of content that has not been created by humans.

While it’s not being suggested that AI has no use in content creation, your goal should be to use it sparingly and instead focus on original ideas, checking your grammar, using tools that guard against plagiarism and building content that is personalized to your target audience.

Outsourcing to Professionals

Content creation isn’t easy. Rather than making half-hearted attempts at creating content or taking shortcuts like ChatGPT, focus on bringing in the expertise of a content marketing professional.

That’s what we offer at SJC. We’ve tracked the rise of AI and we know where it has time-saving potential, but that the real value in content is generated by knowledgeable humans. Contact us and learn more about our approach to improving engagement with your audience.

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