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Including Visuals as a Part of Your Content Marketing Drives Better Engagement

Want to grab the attention of more potential customers? Use visuals in your content marketing.

Using visuals in your content marketing helps you boost engagement. Your outreach is all about making connections, which is what the right visuals help you achieve. From gaining more organic visibility to helping to drive leads and capturing the short attention spans of your target audience, utilizing visuals is a valuable part of your marketing.

Is it becoming more and more difficult to grab the attention of people today? Yes, there is so much content for them to wade through that unless you make an authentic connection, they’re going to be off to the next distraction.

Lead Generation

From B2B to B2C, buyers and consumers need to be informed before they make a purchase. Absorbing information via video is easier and more impactful than text alone. And if there is a text-heavy element to your content, it can be more engaging with visuals in the form of graphics and photos. You can give your lead generation abilities a huge boost simply by focusing more on the visual element of your content.

Organic Traffic

Content marketing also involves catering to the search algorithms that drive traffic to your site. It’s not surprising that clickthrough rates are higher for content that has visual elements to it and it’s something your organization needs to think about as you prepare content for your website, social media and other online platforms.

Repurposed Content

The information you create or gather from customer reviews or surveys can be utilized in visual form. For example, you may have published a blog regarding a recent survey and you want to get more mileage out of it. You can take that information and build an infographic or create a video with animation that spells out your findings in a highly visual and engaging way.

Getting creative with content marketing is more effective when you’ve got a seasoned professional working in your corner. At SJC Marketing, we help organizations in a variety of industries create compelling visual content that gets more eyes on their brand. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can create more buzz about your organization.

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