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What Good Web Design Can Do for Your Company

Outsource to a professional and your web design will help convert leads.

First impressions are everything to consumers. And for most businesses, that first impression is through the company website. Quality web design is visually appealing, easy to navigate, contains the right information in the right places and gives organizations a healthy boost in many areas, not the least of which is sales.

Converting Consumers

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, effective websites will help with conversions and sales. What happens in a properly built site is the user is guided toward the actions you desire, which means you’ve put enough thought into the web design to lead the user to fill out forms, engage with you via queries or comments, and ultimately make a purchase. Well-designed sites have an enticing call to action and utilize forms that are intuitive, all of which optimize the site to create more conversions.


Most business leaders today know how important it is to optimize their sites for mobile use. It’s estimated that just over 52% of all websites visited today are from a mobile device Your website layout needs to be responsive for mobile users, compress images, space out the links, avoid pop-ups and use the right button size for a good user experience.

The user experience is so important that 85% of individuals say the mobile site needs to look just as good as the desktop-designed site.

Quality Matters

While the flow of information is important, so too is the quality of all of your elements from your videos to your photographs, your copy to your colors. And video is increasingly important today as users are 10 times more likely to engage with videos than they are with images.

Make sure your visual elements aren’t bogging down your load speeds, because most of your potential customers will click off your site if it is taking too long to load.

You may understand all of these important web design elements but do you really know how well your website is performing? Contact us at SJC Marketing and we can run a free report to let you know if your website is working for you.  You might be surprised.

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