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Top Trends Shaping Content Marketing

Content marketing remains a valuable way to connect with audiences, but new trends are emerging.

When is the last time you dusted off your content marketing strategy and updated it with a few new techniques? It’s easy to get into autopilot mode, especially if your content calendar hums along without a lot of effort. But there’s good reason to make adjustments to make sure you’re taking advantage of changing trends. Here are some to take a look at:

Don’t Get Left Behind on Short-Form Video. The influence of TikTok has every platform implementing shorter video formats. From YouTube to Facebook, a quick tour of social platforms will tell you that shorter videos are what is popping on feeds.

There are plenty of reasons to include them in your content marketing, besides their popularity. They give you a chance to show your authentic side, compress your ideas into a quick-hit video that communicates volumes in mere seconds and show off a bit of humor. After watching a few, you might find that the ones that hit their ending with a laugh land best.

Work in Some Podcasts. Content marketing has become so visual that you may be tempted to ignore podcasting. But podcast listeners have increased by 30% since 2019, according to Statista, so this is a format that has a lot of potential. There are plenty of opportunities where people can listen but they can’t read or watch, such as commuting, doing household chores or even going for a walk. And there are endless possibilities for how you can use podcasting, such as inviting an influencer in your market for a good conversation, discussing new trends in your industry or addressing some frequently asked questions.

Utilize Your Experience. People are increasingly drawn to personal experiences shared by people they trust over a faceless expert. For instance, you might be likely to pick up a book you heard about on your favorite podcast because you have listened to it for years and you already know that you and the podcaster have some interests in common.

If you have a regular blog, vlog, social post schedule or podcast, think about how sharing your expertise might help you build trust between you and your audience. Think about what you can share that adds value to your audience’s experience.

Consider Your Funnels. Web pages are becoming more interconnected, providing new ways for your audience to be seamlessly converted from a casual observer to a loyal customer. How does it work in practical terms? It’s embedded CTAs and “buy now” buttons on a video post. It’s the invitation to join your email subscription list or the browsing data gathered that allows you to offer a tailored, personalized promotion to your website visitor.

Great content marketing eases your audience to the next step in the buy cycle by providing valuable information and building that relationship. You’re not telling them how great you are; you’re solving problems and offering solutions.

Want to know more about how content marketing is changing? Contact us at SJC Marketing, where we love to see how emerging technology and trends can help your brand shine!

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