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Why so Many B2B Companies Are Using Video to Meet Marketing Goals

Deliver your value proposition and make great connections with your target market via video in your B2B marketing.

B2B marketing is growing more competitive by the year as content built to attract the attention of buyers floods every possible channel. Standing out from the rest of the crowd is vital if your content is going to resonate with the right audience. Video is increasingly a key component that is helping organizations meet their B2B marketing goals.

Get Their Attention

Consumers are highly visual, which is why video content is effective at grabbing the attention of buyers. Video is also engaging and memorable, making it a great tool for delivering information. It combines visual and auditory elements, so information is easy for viewers to understand and remember. You can tell a story with video and create an emotional connection in a way that other types of content cannot. The outcome is improved sales, increased engagement and brand awareness.

Build Trust

Videos help you develop trust among your target audience. When you showcase your company’s expertise and thought leadership in videos, you become a trusted advisor. One way to do this is to use customer success stories as part of the content strategy.  Your target market wants to hear how others have successfully used your product or service, and this develops trust and credibility with your brand.

Improved Search

The higher your search ranking, the better your engagement may be. Algorithms currently favor websites that contain video, which means including video in your website, blogs and other channels, including social media, can help boost search results.

Gain Versatility

You can use video in a variety of B2B marketing campaigns and feature different types of content. Many organizations will use it to promote products or services, but you can also gain a lot of traction by highlighting customer success stories. Video is one of the best ways to present educational material that can move a buyer along in the process and perhaps even nurture a prospect to a sale. Spread these different types of videos across as many platforms as you choose, whether it’s your website, social media or email campaigns and others.

If you want to make video an important tool in your B2B marketing, contact us at SJC. We can help you drill down on the core needs of your audience and create content that speaks directly to those needs. Contact us and get more information about services that will increase engagement and improve sales.

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