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Big Brands Like Intel Show How Videos Can Be Key For Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing should include video content to connect with audiences at an emotional level.

Are you trying to work video into your B2B marketing strategy? This dynamic tool performs a lot of tricks: offering your audience how-to instructions, behind-the-scenes activity at your headquarters or the unboxing of a new product line. It is a unique way to connect with potential customers, allowing you to be authentic and convey a range of emotions to your audience.

To get some inspiration rolling, try watching a couple of examples of well-executed videos:

VeriSign: If an infrastructure services company can connect through video, it’s safe to say that your company can, too. Their video centering on the Shopping Cart Whisperer, who cautiously approaches an abandoned shopping cart as if it is a skittish wild horse, is memorably comical. Their attention to small details, such as the roll of duct tape stuck to the Whisperer’s soda cup, makes this video as smart as it is endearing.

Intel: One of the great uses of video is showing a side of your company that your audience may not notice or expect. Maybe you’ve been known for quality but it turns out that your pricing is worth a mention as well. Or you have a competitor that is noisy about their return policy, but it turns out that yours is actually better. You’ve just never tooted your own horn about it.

Intel shows that it’s possible to take a group of consumers that have a certain perception of brands and turn those perceptions on their heads. Somehow they found the Apple fan club and surprised them with a host of innovations that seemed like they were Apple-worthy, but were being debuted by Intel.

When you look at these two examples, one uses humor and the other capitalizes on human emotions that play out over a few minutes.

Invite your team to participate in a brainstorming session. Whether your B2B marketing campaign would benefit from a funny video or a more emotional one, it will help your audience connect with you in a new way.

At SJC Marketing, we have a videographer on staff, ready to help you jump into video marketing. Whether you need help coming up with ideas or aren’t sure how to decide the right setting or length, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

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