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Should You Tailor Your Marketing Strategy for Younger Audiences?

Use your marketing research to build content that speaks to specific audiences.

If your target market includes Gen Z and Y segments, you will want to tailor your strategy to the preferences of these groups.

Younger buyers are sensitive to marketing content that is too “salesy” and they will quickly move to another brand if your content includes a lot of pressure to make a purchase. While members of all generations appreciate a brand that offers value, not just a sales pitch, there are specific ways you can connect with younger consumers:

Values and Valuable

Members of Gen Z, which is currently between the ages of 10 and 25, are heavily focused on putting their money with brands that share their values. They appreciate companies that focus on volunteerism and giving to various charities. Therefore, they are more apt than other generations to research brands to see where they put their charitable donations.

And it’s not just about donations; some brands will align some of the products or services to promote a cause. Partnering with an important cause communicates to the younger generation of consumers that you care about more than just your profit margin.

Utilize Images

81% of Gen Z are active on Instagram or YouTube, so visual content for social media should be a focus of your marketing strategy.

Many marketers are moving toward short-form videos with overlays, as well as stylized content that tends to be appealing to younger audiences. If your goal is to bring in more of the 25 and younger consumer group to your fold, focus more energy on video creation.

Use Your Humor

Younger consumers identify with cool and fun brands and the best way to prove you’re fun and cool is to showcase your sense of humor. Whether it’s a short and witty Tweet or a goofy video on Instagram Stories – bringing some levity to the situation can put you in a better light with the newest group of consumers flexing their buying power.

Whether you’re trying to market to a younger generation or retain the current customers you have, having a marketing professional on your side is of great value. At SJC, we research the wants and needs of consumers of all generations. We know what speaks to specific groups and we can help you find the right messaging for your target audience. From blogs to videos to social media content, let us give you a hand. Contact us today and let’s talk about our approach to getting more eyes on your brand.

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