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Monday Morning Coffee With Cool Crest Mini Golf

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Miniature golf: it’s a popular pastime for all ages that some sources say dates back to before 1920. Why do so many people love the game? It somehow molded itself into a go-to summertime activity for all. Maybe it’s because most people feel like they REALLY stink at golf. Or maybe it’s because it’s fun for all ages. Whatever the reason for the explosion of mini golf, one local mini golf course in particular has been a must-visit in St. Joseph, Missouri for years. We call it Cool Crest.

Cool Crest is a go-to source of fun in St. Joseph every summer.

What makes Cool Crest…cool? There’s nothing like a beautiful summer evening with birds chirping, Ben. E King playing faintly in the distance, kids laughing, trees swaying slightly in the breeze, and friendly trash talk, all while you’re scrambling to search for your little orange ball you accidentally hit too hard into the manmade pond while your friends or family move on without you. Alright, it’s only like that sometimes, but this sort of thing happens to most of us.

Cool Crest is the perfect destination for a first date, a fun family night or going out with friends.

Cool Crest isn’t cool because it has the best, most complex mini golf course in the state. It isn’t just cool because it has great concessions (but seriously, get one of their root beer floats). Cool Crest is cool because it’s a place where memories are made. It is a place that anyone can enjoy. Mini golf is for everyone, and togetherness breeds memorable moments.

Play a round or two and enjoy a root beer float at Cool Crest this summer.

Whether it’s grandparents, your mom and dad, a group of friends, or maybe a significant other (great 1st date spot, by the way), Cool Crest is bound to produce some laughter and memories that will keep you coming back for years to come. So, start working on your putting form and head on over. You never know, you might even win a free game.


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