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Provide Unique Perspectives of Your Brand With Drone Videography

Drone videography brings compelling images to marketing efforts.

It wasn’t long ago that producing video and images took a clunky, shoulder-mounted camcorder or a 35 mm camera, both requiring expensive film and processing fees. Smart, mobile devices now afford the luxury of instant, high-quality images and video with drone videography, providing stunning visuals that can help your brand shine.

Drone videography provides a perspective that was once only available via a crane lift or a helicopter. There aren’t many small- to medium-sized businesses that have the budget for a helicopter. Drones with high-resolution cameras allow organizations of all sizes to dip their toes into aerial footage that can provide a lot of value in marketing events.

Drone Versatility

From grabbing rural, pastoral footage to getting a better view of real estate properties or amazing cityscapes, drones can be used in practically every environment to bring value to your content.

Drone footage has been featured prominently on the following:

  • Digital ads
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Commercials
  • Outdoor ads
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Print materials

There is no limit to what can be done with a drone, barring various FAA restrictions.

Blogging & Vlogging

Whether it’s a traditional blog supplemented with visuals from a drone or if it’s a video with no text, drone videography is used heavily on blogging and vlogging platforms. For marketing events, blogs are used to help tell the story about the event and even give a shout-out to sponsors. For example, sponsors are always looking to get the most value out of their investment and you can facilitate that with drone videos that tout the sponsor and then place it in your content, whether it’s going on social media, YouTube or your website.

Making Ads

Social video generates roughly 1,200% more shares than social content with text with images, so it makes perfect sense to use video in your ads. Whether it’s through a drone or a mix of drone and ground-based footage, using this type of content will give you a much better return on investment.

Just as most people can’t compose an amazing visual from their smartphone, it’s difficult to get that great shot from a drone without some training. In the hands of experts, drone footage can be compelling and help you gain a lot of traction. At SJC Marketing our videographer is drone certified. When your content screams for more unique perspectives, we can deliver that with visuals from a drone. Contact us and find out how we can help you with all aspects of your marketing.

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