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Engage Your Target Audience With Drone Videography Footage

Marketing has always involved smart use of visuals, and drones are upping the ante.

Marketing Efforts Get an Extra Boost With Drones

Drone footage has changed the way we approach capturing images in just about any application. Whether it’s for a movie, a commercial, newscasts, a reality television show or for marketing materials — drone videography can help you share your message in a new way.

Drones are particularly appealing in the property development and management industry, giving a bird’s-eye view of everything in and around the property, which is highly insightful for interested customers.

More Shot Varieties

With drone videography, you have so many options for capturing compelling footage with two axes of movement shots, which means the camera is capturing images as the drone moves forward and up or away from the subject and down, or any combination of movement.

Strafing shots from side to side offer a unique perspective, as do orbiting shots from any height. Do a quick and easy 360-degree pan to get a more comprehensive look, or go with an extreme parallax shot that gives more perspective to your surroundings.

Drones used for cinematography can get quite large as they’re designed to carry heavy professional movie cameras, but marketers are using drones that are tiny in comparison, and the camera quality is suitable for most marketing campaigns. You fly them a couple of centimeters off the ground or up to 300 feet in the air (check the regulations in your community since some municipalities have strict regulations, as do some states).

Marketing Your Brand With a Drone

Drone videography is in high demand as organizations of all types have started using it for branding and marketing purposes. It brings an air of professionalism to the marketing materials on top of providing visual information that consumers are drawn to.

Drone footage, when properly executed, boosts the engagement you’ll experience with your target audience, as it holds their attention longer. For people who are getting the first glimpse of your brand, drone videography makes a strong first impression.

While it’s possible to become proficient as a drone pilot, it can take a lot of time. Rather than work on that skill and investing in drone technology, let SJC Marketing do it for you. Our team has photography and video experts on staff, using drones and getting great results for our clients. Contact us and let’s discuss your next marketing campaign.

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