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How to Nail B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

A good B2B marketing campaign on LinkedIn should focus on building a community on the platform.

What began as a place to post resumes, look for jobs and share career updates has become a hub of the business community. If you’re looking to improve your B2B marketing strategy, LinkedIn is a good place to focus your energy. Here are four ways you can improve your connections:

Focus on Community. By talking with people about the pain points in their business, showing empathy when they are struggling with an operations challenge or simply commenting, “I’ve been there,” you help form a community that is reminded that you’re all people. You’re doing business and networking, but you’re still humans with frustrations and challenges.

It applies to the flip side, as well. Celebrate grand openings, congratulate promotions and spread the word when a new product line is making a splash.

Be Worth Some Attention. Just like any social media platform, LinkedIn is a sea of voices, all trying to captivate the room. Be sure to include valuable content that is worth a look. Answer questions or solve a problem. And do it with visual content; you’re much more likely to engage your audience if there’s a video attached to your post.

Be a Thought Leader. You’re an expert in your field. You’ve got years of experience and that leads to a lot of insight into the hot topics in your industry. Take time to create some content, including blogs, videos, podcasts or a combination of them to establish your reputation on LinkedIn as a leading voice in your market.

Make Sure You’re Connecting. Get familiar with the Campaign Manager on LinkedIn to get a solid read on whether you’re reaching the audiences most likely to purchase from you. In B2B marketing, you want to make sure you’re connecting with qualified leads, rather than trying to hit a broad crowd.

Is your B2B marketing plan in great shape until you get to social media? If you’re looking for insights into how to use social media to foster growth, or you would love to simply turn over your social strategy to an expert, turn to SJC Marketing. We work with companies just like yours to create social media strategies designed to make your brand shine.


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