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B2B Marketing Tips for Converting More Leads

Rejuvenate your B2B marketing strategy for today’s customers’ needs.

Maybe you’re great at generating leads, but getting them to convert into customers has proven challenging. B2B marketing strategies that prioritize the preferences of buyers are more successful at converting leads to customers. From personalized messaging to videos that make a meaningful connection with audiences, it’s important to keep adjusting your strategy to meet audience expectations.

Building Trust

If there is one overarching goal that companies try to reach, it’s gaining the trust of the target audience. The way to do that is to be consistent in your message and make sure everything your customers see is communicated with the same tone and voice. For example, the way you use your social media channels must be consistent, whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter, TikTok or Instagram. Creating more content that is of value will help you gain a more trusting and loyal following.


Building customer relationships is so much easier when you personalize your content. According to a survey by Evergage, the majority of marketers prioritize personalization in their marketing strategies. That same survey found that companies that treat every customer as unique see a 50% increase in conversions.

What’s important here is that company leaders know how the landscape has changed recently, as 85% of customers expected a personalized experience in 2019, and that number has since grown to 92%. Customers also want to see their favorite brands adjust their content based on current context, which is another reason why following a stagnant strategy tends to work against you.

Video Value

Another way to boost conversions and sales is to utilize video in your B2B marketing. Did you know that you can increase conversions by as much as 80% by using an impactful video on your landing page? Statistics from Insivia also show that including video in your email campaigns can boost click-through rates by anywhere between 200% and 300%.

Outsourcing Assistance

B2B marketing is a complex situation. At SJC, we’re always ready to assist you. From research to strategy building, web design to video production, we’re you’re one-stop-shop for marketing. Contact us to learn more about how we bring value to the brands we represent.

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