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5 Reasons a Successful Marketing Strategy Includes Blogging

Social Media is a big part of your marketing strategy, but blogs give you something to post about.

You’ve heard that despite the flash and captivation of social media scrolling in all of its addictive glory, email remains a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. But what about blogging? Do people still want to read a blog?

Besides pointing out the obvious, that you’re sitting here reading this blog, there are plenty of good reasons why blogging should stay at the heart of a good marketing strategy:

It’s a Fantastic Relationship-Building Tool: Anybody can put something pithy on a post, but the blog is a place to put your expertise out there. As a result, you build a reputation for having a bit of authority in your industry, and you begin to earn the trust of your audience.

It Improves Your SEO: Gone are the days of messily packing a blog full of keywords to get it to rise to the top of the search engine rankings. Instead, search engines have become more competent, so your blog strategy must be smart, too. With a blog that regularly updates, strategically uses keywords, and is highly relevant to your audience, you’ll see improved search engine optimization (SEO).

It Generates Leads: You not only want to share your expertise; you want to tell your blog reader what they should do next. Any successful marketing strategy includes clear markers for what your site’s visitors should do if they want to move forward. With a blog, that means some kind of call to action. For example, you might be inviting them to view a new product or subscribe to your monthly email newsletter. Both of these activities result in lead generation for you.

It Increases Engagement: When you offer a blog, your audience has something to share, something to talk about related to your brand. This can be particularly effective if you post a blog and an engaging question that gets your community interacting and responding. You might even get questions that inspire new ideas for other blog posts.

It Shows Who You Are as a Brand: You’ve got a charming sense of humor, allowing you to share your expertise in a way that makes it easy for people to understand your solutions. That’s pretty hard to communicate in some marketing formats, but a blog is the perfect place to show the many sides of a brand personality.

Blogging is still a vital part of any marketing strategy, and at SJC we write them for companies like yours every week. So, contact us to get started on a plan to start building relationships and generating leads through a regular blog.


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