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Expand Your Reach With Facebook Ads

With millions of active users per day, use Facebook ads to gain traction.

Nearly two billion active users are online each day, and many of them visit Facebook multiple times during that day. Unfortunately, your chances of reaching consumers organically through a Facebook post are slim, which is why you need to find ways to promote your content. Facebook ads is an excellent tool to help you get your brand in front of more people.

Getting Started

To get started with Facebook Ads, simply head over to the Facebook ads manager and click on “create new campaign.” From there, you’ll need to choose an objective. For example, if you’re promoting a blog, podcast or something that’s not related to Facebook content, click on “traffic.” If you’re promoting a Facebook video, choose “video.”

You’ll also have options under “awareness,” “consideration” and “conversion.” Just click on the items that make the most sense for your content. There will be an option for promoting an existing post or creating a new ad. For those of you who have had some success with a post and want to see it reach an even wider option, you can choose to promote that existing post.

Once you have your images chosen, links set and copy written, hit “publish.” Facebook will evaluate the ad and then send it out. Keep an eye on your dashboard if you want to track how the ad is accepted among your target audience.

Nurture or Expand?

Reaching a new audience is difficult. It’s more expensive to land new customers than it is to market to existing customers for return business. Given that disparity, there is value in using Facebook ads to nurture your current audience and deepen that relationship.

Facebook makes it easy for you to reach out to consumers who have already interacted with your brand by using Facebook retargeting ads. This brings your new content promotion ads directly to those who have previously consumed what you’ve put out there.

When your consumers sign up for your offers, be sure to follow up with them quickly. When everything falls into place, these turn into high-quality leads with a higher percentage of probability that they’ll do business with you.

Outside Assistance

Landing high-quality leads doesn’t come easy. It can take hours of research just to get the information you need to begin building up your content. You must focus on the right demographic and know all of their needs before you can nail down the copy and video. For many company leaders, this goes beyond their expertise, which is why they outsource to marketing specialists who know how Facebook ads work in the most effective manner.

That’s what we do at SJC. Let us help you get your Facebook content on point and your ads working for you.

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