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Engage a Larger Audience With Video Marketing

Creating content that moves consumers can be achieved more consistently through video marketing.

It’s no surprise, given the rise of video in so many online platforms, that video marketing is now part of the content strategy for 91% of businesses.

The inherent promise of video marketing is that it will help grow revenue, and that’s exactly what it does for businesses with a good video strategy. According to this report, these businesses are seeing 49% more revenue gains year-over-year than businesses that don’t use video marketing. The “magic,” it seems, is that consumers are so drawn to video that they are 48% more likely to view content that contains video than content that does not.

But video is not a sure thing on its own. Creating the right content and distributing it through the correct channels is the only way to see the kind of engagement you want.

The following are some of the most often-cited reasons companies utilize video in their marketing content:

  • SEO Perks
    Looking for a boost in search rankings? Use video.
  • Convert Leads
    Some leads are highly influenced by video and can be convinced to buy after viewing.
  • Increased Engagement
    From social media posts to website content, video drives engagement.
  • Information
    When you need to educate your target audience, nothing does it better than video.

Pursuing these objectives will also lead to increased brand awareness.

Success Stories

Building the right type of content is dependent on knowing what influences your target audience. Segmenting your audience and building content for specific groups generates the best results, but there are also broader targets that work on basic human emotion. A great example of this is the GoPro campaign that used footage of a fireman saving a kitten. It triggered an emotional response from viewers and went viral.

Humor is another tactic that plays well regardless of the audience. Everyone loves to laugh and humor in video elicits that response. It captures the user’s attention, but it also makes an emotional connection with them and often influences users to share it with family and friends. The side effect is that it helps to build trust with your brand.

Outsourcing for Impact

Yes, video marketing captures attention and can result in improved revenue, but it’s not easy to create video content that improves engagement. That’s why a large percentage of companies outsource to professionals for their video marketing content. They partner with companies like SJC, where we take the time to get to know a brand, its audience and its wants and needs. Looking for a marketing company that can boost your brand image? Contact us and let’s talk about your video marketing.

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