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Which Digital Marketing Trend is Really Big in 2019?

Visual search is key for younger generations, creating a marketing disruption.

The Facts on Visual Search

If you’ve been reading all the beginning-of-the-year guesses about which digital marketing trend will be the hottest in 2019, you’ve likely come upon a few articles about visual search, and there is some data to back up these claims.

Research from ViSenze, a company powering visual commerce, found that 62% of generation z and millennial consumers want visual search capabilities, which outweighs their zeal for other new technologies.

The research also found that 80% of generation z consumers say the look of a website impacts whether or not they will make a purchase from that company.

Visual Technology

We’ve known for years now that including an image with our blogs improves the chance of a user actually digging into that blog. The responses we get with images attached to our Tweets are similarly impacted. The reason is that our brain can identify images within milliseconds and the majority of the input the brain gets is visual.

It’s no wonder that visual search tops the list of digital trends in 2019.

Engineers are now busying themselves trying to teach machines to identify shapes and patterns. As of right now, the technology is such that it can identify shapes and allow users to make matches to different objects with their search. These technology advancements will continue to impact how consumers search for products.

How You Can Benefit From Visual Search?

How image-stocked is your current web inventory? Less than 10% of retailers have actually gone through the process of even building out their image search into their web inventory.

Given that Pinterest is a massive image-heavy channel, you can start to advertise there and take advantage of its advanced visual search technology, which, by the way, they have begun to use with Target on the retailer’s apps and its website.

When you begin to populate your site with images, choose those that are easy to recognize, as this will make it easier for the search technology to link to them. Title them with care, utilizing keywords that your target audience uses to find similar objects.

Navigating the visual search landscape is not without its challenges, which is why you need to consider bringing in a third party for assistance. At SJC Marketing, we’ve been tracking the visual search trend for months and months, and we can assist your company in jumping on this trend now. Contact us and let’s talk about your visuals.

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