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Automation Makes the List for Top Social Media Trends for 2019

Confused about how to refrain from being viewed as spam on social media? Let SJC help you.

A More Tactful Approach to Social Media Branding

If your social media outreach resembles spam, you’ve likely jumped on the automation bandwagon and failed to read the etiquette guidelines along the way. Social media trends have included automation for some time now, but it takes tact and a measured approach to use it correctly.

Automation improves your outreach while taking the burden of repeated tasks off your marketers. In fact, an emailmonday article shows that of those surveyed, 50% said they are currently using marketing automation.

Don’t Overdo It

The growth of marketing automation is snowballing, but so too is the misuse of it. The side effect is that social media channels are locking down on the spam proliferation, which means when you get it wrong, you’re getting locked out too.

On Twitter, specifically, you need to watch out for how often you duplicate content and recycle tweets. Also, you have to be cautious about how much automation you’re taking on at one time. For example, new rules on Twitter include restricting too many simultaneous actions such as following, liking, retweeting, etc.


Almost 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business, which means you’re probably already focusing a portion of your marketing strategy on top-notch visuals to put on Instagram.

And while Instagram is now allowing third-party tools that can automate various following, unfollowing and commenting, it comes at a cost – people using third-party tools get automatic warnings to change their password and discontinue using the app if they use the tools in such a way to generate follows that is not authentic, so you have to be careful how you use it.

Instagram has actually been good at getting rid of fake accounts for years now. The ways they identify the inauthentic activity of marketers who have been too aggressive in their tactics also put them at risk of being considered inauthentic themselves.

To avoid this problem, you still have to take on many manual tasks. For example, you can leave your automation tools in charge of scheduling your posts, but try to do all the liking and following/unfollowing in manual mode.

If you feel like your social media automation approach needs some assistance, contact us at SJC Marketing and we’ll give you a helping hand. We’re up on all the social media trends and have helped many clients in a variety of industries with their social media marketing needs and we can help you.

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