These Trends Mean It Might Be Time to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media trends come and go, but keeping track of them is valuable as you evolve your marketing strategy.

3 Social Media Trends That Could Impact Your Marketing

Are you still using social media for product awareness? While that’s still an option, there are other valuable uses of digital marketing platforms. No doubt, keeping tabs on all the social media trends is no small feat. However, you can’t afford to miss out on these current trends affecting digital marketing strategies.

1. Think Short Term
Your content is being devoured by a pack of ravenous information seekers. However, they don’t always have time for content as laborious to get through as a long white paper, especially when they’re navigating their way through their favorite social media platforms.

Well-crafted, quick hit content is just what your customers are likely looking for. In many ways, this type of content is seen as an authentic way to engage consumers. This content often utilizes a visual or visuals, such as graphics, illustrations or photographs and video.

Really this type of content is made to be a short-lived call to action, which means you can tell a story in a very short amount of time.

2. Going Organic
SEO has been leaning organic for some time, especially as the heavyweights like Google and Facebook try to limit artificial intelligence driven technology from tricking their algorithms.

Organic content deserves a tighter focus as you develop your digital advertising strategy, because it’s going to produce better search results.

An organic approach that has proven successful while you build your strategy is to account for all your goals as an organization while also balancing your content to meet consumer needs. The best results come with creative content that engages with the public instead of “forcing” a message through to them.

3. Stick with Facebook
Facebook, despite all the recent controversy, remains a powerhouse for digital advertising.

In fact, its users continue to rise, which means you can’t discount this ongoing social media trend. You can utilize this platform for many of your outreach goals, including branding, sharing video and analyzing data and analytics on your target audience.

The trend now is to avoid any passive engagement attempts on Facebook. Utilize your ability to study the data and analytics and get an edge on your competition by using all the tools Facebook offers to make an impact with your target audience.

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