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Choosing KPIs for Your Lead Generation

Your lead generation efforts should be evaluated using KPIs that demonstrate a connection to growth.

Does Your Website Design Encourage Conversions?

Your lead generation plan likely has key performance indicators (KPIs) designed to measure activities related to visitors on your website, social media activity and other activities. For many companies, the KPIs chosen aren’t effective ways to demonstrate how areas like website design and visitor behavior are connected to your sales pipeline.

Most companies know that a like or a follow isn’t necessarily related to a conversion, but what other KPIs may be providing an inaccurate picture of lead generation success? Here are the KPIs you should include:

Unique visitors: A visitor that makes repeat appearances on your site isn’t necessarily going to convert to a sale, and it doesn’t necessarily suggest that you’ve got a good website design. It’s the growth of unique visitors that provides a mark of progress for lead generation, as well as what happens during that session.

Conversion rate: Simply visiting your site is not enough. You also need to track how many visitors convert, in terms of either a sale or moving on to the next stage of the buy cycle. Be sure to include a call to action on your landing page or offer an opportunity like a contact form that encourages them to engage further with your brand.

Close rate or closed deal value: Each of these KPIs are critical because you’re not in the business of lead generation alone. You need to demonstrate that your efforts are resulting in increased revenue. This helps determine if your lead generation efforts and website design are working together to move visitors to a sale.

Revenue per session: You need to know that your website design encourages increasing sales by looking for opportunities to further engage the customer, even as they move toward payment. For instance, if you are spending $10 per website visit, but the average order only nets your company $8, you need to refine the process.

To learn more about website design that supports lead generation efforts, contact us at SJC Marketing. We look forward to creating a strategy for growth for you.

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