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Are You Thinking About a Company Rebrand?

A company rebranding can give your business new life, or it can tank your identity in obscurity.

There are a lot of great reasons to rebrand. But there are some questions you need to ask yourself before you decide whether it is right for your company. It is also important to understand everything that is involved with a company rebrand before you begin.

With this quick guide, you can get a clear idea of whether it’s time for a rebrand and what’s involved with the process.

When Should a Company Consider a Rebrand? If your brand is outdated because of the color scheme or overall style, or if your company has experienced a major redirection in what you offer, a company rebranding may be a good idea. It may also be appropriate if you’ve undergone an acquisition or merger, or if your industry has gotten crowded with lookalikes.

What’s Involved With a Company Rebrand? Many people underestimate the time and effort that goes into a rebrand. A common misunderstanding is that a company rebranding is a logo redesign, but it encompasses much more:

  • A full analysis of who you are and what differentiates your company in your field of competitors
  • A strategy to determine your color scheme, your “voice” and the look and feel of your communications
  • Implementation and a detailed roll-out to employees and the public

This is a simplified description, but you should expect that a company rebranding will entail several months and an investment. You’ll plan for a website redesign and incorporate your new logo into your stationery, uniforms and signage.

Where Can You Go Wrong? A company rebranding can be an exciting process that breathes new life in to your brand, but there are some pitfalls:

  • Choosing a logo that looks too similar to others in your industry
  • Selecting a color scheme that is too trendy and will quickly look outdated
  • Alienating loyal customers with a chaotic roll-out process
  • Engaging in a process without a clear purpose behind it

Everyone remembers when Gap changed their logo…for a day. The backlash was so immediate that they quickly realized their mistake and went back to their iconic logo. It was a case of fixing something that wasn’t broken.

Sometimes an initial reaction fades and the logo holds and is eventually accepted. Just because a few people criticize your decision to pursue a company rebranding doesn’t mean it’s the wrong move.

A company rebranding is an exciting way to engage new audiences with your messaging. With the right strategy, this process holds new opportunities for your business. Our team at SJC Marketing would love to help you get started.

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